Headlights: 2 Effective ways to Clean them

A Genius Trick to let the Headlights of your Car Shining

There are many parts in your car that you need to take care of. Headlights are not the only crucial part of your car, however we cannot ignore its importance.

– You car’s headlights has a great role in lighting your way when you are driving at night.

– You ought to clean them from time to time. And in this article we are going to show you the right way to do it.

– Some people try to clean their cars using only water and shampoo. It is useless, as it make them obscure and opaque.

– We are going to provide you with two major ideas to make your car’s headlights shine.

1- Soda, White vinegar and Liquid soap:

– When you are washing your car, think about getting these products and mixing them all together.

– Once your mixture is ready:

– In a bowl, mix all the products above and use your mixture to rub and clean your car’s headlights.

– You will see how this mixture will make your headlights looks like new and shiny.

2- Toothpaste to clean your car’s Headlights:

– You can just put some toothpaste on a clean piece of cloth and just start rubbing. Or you can use an old brush instead of a cloth.

– Don’t be in a hurry; you need to let them for a few minutes and then dry them using a wet cloth.

The Final Result:

– There you go! Now you are able to clean your car’s headlights without the need to buy any extra products from the market.

– Whenever you think about washing your car and cleaning it, think about these effective tips as well in order for better results in the future.

– Make sure you rub the stubborn spots well in order to clean your car effectively.

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