Lemons: Discover why you should freeze them

Here is Why You Should Always Freezing your Lemons

Lemons are rich in vitamin C, fiber, and many other beneficial nutrients. Thus, it is always a must to freeze some of it and use it whenever you need it. 

– Moreover, and like we said above, lemon is rich in vitamin C and fiber, and these types of nutrients are responsible for several health benefits for the body and a must have in your body.

– Not only that but also it supports your heart health condition, helps when it comes to weight control, and your digestive system too.

– Discover what we are talking about below. 

1- The Zest:

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Alternative text: Here is why the Zest is very important also.

– Surprisingly, for those who don’t know this fact, the zest is rich in Vitamin C, Potassium, and Magnesium.

– The Zest contains more juice than of what you think you squeeze off and that is all.

– These healthy benefits help in boosting your Antioxidants and your Dietary Fibers.

– Also, the zest can be used in cooking; so many delicious dishes and pastries need that fine touch of zest in order to perfect them.

2- How to Freeze your Lemons:

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Alternative text: Read to know how to put your lemons in the freezer.

– Wash your lemons well before putting them in the freezer.

– Make sure you have a plastic bag that you are going use in order to put your lemons inside it.

– You should also grate your lemon before your freeze them so that you use its zest.

– After your grate, mix everything together and put it in your plastic bag, and then put it into the freezer.

– Take out the amount that you need whenever you want so.

Always make sure you have lemons in your freezer. You never know when you are going to need them; Cooking, Tea, or as Natural mask.

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