A Delicious Salad: Beetroot and Feta Cheese

Beetroot-Feta Cheese Salad

There is nothing better than having a light salad every now and then. This Healthy salad recipe that is made of beetroot and feta cheese is going to surprise you!

– This salad has got so many health benefits.

– Try this healthy and tasty beetroot-feta cheese salad that is good in fighting inflammation, detoxifies the liver, strengthens your immunity system, and treats anemia.

– Once you try it, you will fall for it.

– So, let’s find out more about the benefits that you will experience from eating this amazing salad.

1- Health Benefits of Beetroot:

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Alternative text: Beetroot is a tasty and beneficial plant to eat.

– Beetroot is an amazing plant. It helps to regenerate and reactivate the red blood cells.

– It helps to detoxify the liver and the immune system.

– It heals bile ailments: including hepatitis, and food poisoning.

– This plant it a must eat whenever you have the chance to add it in a salad.

2- Health Benefits of Feta Cheese:

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Alternative text: Feta cheese is rich in proteins and vitamins.

– Feta cheese can strengthen your health and immune system.

– It protects the body from inflammation.

– It can also prevent headaches and migraines.

3- Health Benefits of Cilantro and Garlic:

A- Garlic:

– It can strengthen the immune system.

– It can normalize your blood pressure.

– Relieves bloating.

– Eliminates toxins from your blood.

B- Cilantro:

– It can significantly strengthen your immune system.

– Cilantro will help you detoxify heavy metals from your body.

– Using cilantro to flavor your food helps reducing your sodium intake.

4- Ingredients for the Salad:

– 60 – 70 grams of feta cheese.

– 2 medium-large beetroots.

– 2 tablespoons of finely chopped cilantro.

– 2 cloves of garlic, finely minced.

– 3 tablespoons of olive oil.

5- Preparation:

– Cut your Feta cheese into some small cubes.

– Cut your beetroots also in small cubes.

– Put your feta cheese cubes and beetroots in a large bowl.

– Add your chopped cilantro and garlic.

– Start mixing while adding your olive oil.

– Mix well and serve it in a plate.

The Final Result:

– There you have it, your healthy Beetroot and feta cheese salad is ready to be served.

– Serve it as a light, delicious and colorful salad.

Go Healthy all the way.