Castor Oil: 10 Effective and Natural Uses

castor oil

In this article we are going to speak about an ingredient which we can find in almost every single kitchen: Castor Oil.

– The more we learn about the real powers of Mother Nature and what it can offer us, the more astonishing we find it.

– This healthy product can heal your body and has got so many useful and beneficial uses too.

– Keep on reading this article in order to to learn more about this powerful product.

– Castor oil can do wonders to your body, and you are going to love it.

– Here are 10 beneficial uses of castor oil that you might not have tried before.

1- Heals Sunburns, Cuts, and Bruises:

– If you pour some castor oil onto your sunburn it will help to cool it down and rehydrate your skin.

– Using this oil is always an effective way to ease your pain and can also help reduce the formation of burn-induced blisters that you are suffering from.

2- Castor oil Treats Twisted Ankles:

– Put some Castor oil on your hurting ankle and slowly massage the spot.

– Castor oil has also the ability to increase lymphatic circulation, boosts your immune system, reduce inflammation and helps your nervous system.

3- Relieves Back Pain:

– Apply some oil on your back and massage it slowly.

– This oil has got some natural anti-inflammatory properties that makes it an effective massage oil.

4- Relieves Constipation and Diarrhea:

– Put some castor oil on your belly and try to massage it.

– Castor oil is a stimulant laxative. Thus, it helps against constipation and diarrhea.

5- Removes Brown Spots, Moles and Warts:

– Mixing some of this oil with baking soda together helps in removing moles if applied for several weeks.

6- Alleviates Allergies:

– Take 5 drops of this oil every day and you will notice how your allergy will be gone.

7- Helps in Reducing Nicotine and Alcohol Addiction:

– Take a few drops of this oil every day, whenever you feel like smoking or drinking.

8- Stops Snoring:

– Use some this natural oil on your stomach for 2 weeks.

– Also, Rubbing a bit of thyme oil on your feet at night can reduce your heavy snoring.

9- Enhances Hearing:

– Put few drops of this oil in your ear before sleeping.

– Taking 5-7 drops of this oil orally every day for 5 weeks helps enhancing your hearing.

10- Treats Hepatitis:

– When you apply some of this oil on your skin directly, the warm oil packs can be beneficial to those with Hepatitis C.

– This is helpful because: Increased circulation will help to reduce your inflammation.