Bloating: 5 Effective Tips to Avoid Certain Foods

Foods that cause bloatingHave you ever felt that you gained double your body weight by the afternoon? Blame it on bloating!

– Bloating is obviously when your stomach becomes swollen. And there are many reasons in order for this to happen, but the most common one is the types of food that you eat.

– Paying extra attention on what you are eating is a Must.

– Here are some types of food that may cause stomach bloating:

1- Beans:

– Beans and legumes such as:

– Chickpeas.

– lentils.

– peanuts.

– soybeans.

– Eating a lot of these Legumes may cause and lead to this stomach bloating problem.

– Make sure you do not over-eat these beans and legumes in order to avoid this kind of problem.

2- Potatoes:

– Whether it is French fries, Mashed potatoes, or even a potato puree: eating a lot of potatoes will cause and lead directly to this tiresome stomach bloating issue.

– Especially salty fries or chips, you must avoid eating this unhealthy type of food.

3- Dairy products:

– Diary products such as Milk, Yogurt and Cheese, once eaten a lot and irregularly may lead to some serious problems later on.

4- Pasta:

– Consuming a lot of fatty and chewy pasta is another direct reason behind this stomach bloating problem.

– Make sure you eat pasta once or twice a week.

5- Chewing gum Causes Bloating:

– Chewing something that actually has got no beneficial elements or vitamins in it makes no sense at all.

– This rubbery kind of Gum is a far more serious problem that you can chew and you are unconscious about its negative effects on your body.

The Final Result:

– That is all you have to know about this tiresome issue.

– Make sure you pay more attention about the things that you eat.

– Eat healthy and don’t just consume junk food. 

Don’t forget to share these tips with everyone that you know.

Stay healthy.