Hypnic jerk: 4 Dangerous Signs That you Should Know About

Hypnic jerkDo you suddenly experience a shocking falling sensation while falling asleep? This phenomenon is well-known as the “hypnic jerk”, or a “sleep twitch”; and may sometimes be accompanied by a visual hallucination.– So what is it this weird phenomenon? And why does it happen very often to people?

– Keep on reading this article in order to learn more about this Phenomenon.

– Scientifically speaking, The “hypnic jerk” is an involuntary muscle spasm that happens while drifting off to sleep.

– However, we are going to tell you exactly what causes this  “hypnic jerk” issue.

1- The Symptoms of Hypnic Jerk:

– Consuming a lot of caffeine during the day.

– Undergoing significant emotional stress or a break-up.

– Sleep deprivation.

– Taking depression and anxiety medication or pills.

2- The Solutions to Over-come this Issue:

– According to sleep experts, the hypnic jerk may be a sign of the eventual switch between the brain’s recticular activating system and the ventrolateral preoptic nucleus. That’s to say, the transition from an active state to a dormant state.

– To over-come this state you need:

– Playing Sports.

– Eating healthy food and more vegetables.

– Don’t drink coffee too much during the day and especially before sleeping.

– Don’t give up on your sleep hours no matter what in order not to suffer later on (7 to 8 hours of sleep daily).

The Final Result: 

– Don’t you worry it’s a normal and natural phenomenon that very often happens to people.

– Thus, following the natural solutions that we have just provided you with, now you are aware how to treat this issue by yourself at home.

– There is nothing to be worried about, all you have to do is just to balance your lifestyle, that is all.

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