Wood Ashes: 5 Efficient and Practical Uses

wood ashesMost of us have a fireplace in our homes, and most of us do hate to collect all the remaining wood ashes from the fireplace. Well, before throwing it away, here are some interesting ways to use your wood ashes.

– Instead of throwing away your wood ashes, why not you discover these 5 effective and practical uses of wood ash.

– Wood ash won’t let you down, once you know all about its beneficial uses.

– Here are 5 amazing uses of wood ash around the house. 

1- An Effective Cleaner:

– Wood ash is very effective, when it comes to cleaning.

– All that you need to do is to add a bit of water to a small amount of wood ash and mix it together very well.

– And thus, your effective cleaner is ready to be used.

2-Wood Ashes Removes Bad Odors:

– Wood ash can help to absorb bad smells and odors from around the house.

– You can use wood ash instead of using all the same ineffective air-fresheners. 

3- Stain Remover:

– Wood ash creates an effective stain remover. Just mix 1 cup wood ash with ½ cup warm water and gently wipe the paste on the stained on clothing or furniture and let it set for 5 minutes before wiping away the paste.

4- Snail repellant:

– Creating some small circles of wood ash around your garden crops and plants is a great way to get rid of snails.

5- Desiccant:

– Wood ash perfectly absorbs humidity.

– It also prevents mold from growing in your house.

The Final Result:

– There you have it! You are now able to use your wood ash in so many effective and original ways that you didn’t know about before this time.

– No need to buy any more ineffective products which wood ash can easily replace.

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