Tea Brands: 7 Ineffective Brands That You Should Avoid

Toxic Tea: Brands to avoid..!There’s nothing better than sipping on a warm cup of herbal tea. Besides being tasty and warming, tea provides plenty of health benefits. Unless your tea is soaked in pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Keep on reading.

– According to some recent researches, some tea brands contain high levels of pesticides that exceed allowable limits.

– As a reminder, pesticides lead to many health problems, including headaches, nausea, vomiting and also in some extreme cases it can lead even to cancer.

– Here are some Tea bags brands and companies that contain high level of pesticides and thus you should avoid drinking.

1- 7 Tea Brands to Avoid:

– Teavana.

– Kusmi Tea.

– Tetley.

– Twinings.

– Uncle Lee’s Legends of China.

 – Lipton.

– Auchan.

2- The Solution:

– There is nothing better than making your own Herbal tea at home.

– There are a lot of beneficial ways that you can easily know in order to make your own natural and healthy tea at home.

– Make sure you are always alert and cautious, when it comes to some brands of tea of even coffee.

The Final  Result: 

– There you have it! Now you know some of the most unhealthy tea brands that you should not drink.

– There is nothing healthier than drinking some hot water with some natural herbal infusion.

– So instead of buying everything that you see on TV, now you can think of another natural alternative in order to protect yourself and your health.

– This is not to say that you have to stop drinking tea, not at all! But if you like drinking tea, you have to drink organic tea.

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Stay Healthy.