Hair Growth: Castor Oil as an Effective Solution

Can castor oil help your hair growWe all know what the sun can do to our Hair, if we do no pay extra attention. However, in this article we found just the solution that you have been looking for: Castor oil.

– Castor oil is your one-way ticket to repair your hair and to say goodbye to all your past worries.

– This natural oil is going to do what all the other expensive products couldn’t: repair and strengthen your hair naturally.

– Here is what you need to do in order to get your wanted result.

1- Ingredients for your Hair Growth Remedy: 

– 4 teaspoons of castor oil.

– 4 tablespoon of coconut oil.

– 6 drops of Peppermint essential oil (optional).

2- Preparation:

– Put all the oils listed above in a bowl and mix them all together.

– Once mixed, pour some of the oil on the top of your scalp and massage it all over for 6 minutes.

– Wait at least for one hour before washing your hair with water.

The Final Result:

– There you have it! Your natural remedy for hair growth is now at your hand to use freely and without the need to spend a fortune over the same useless and ineffective hair products. 

– Especially when it comes to your hair growth, opting for a natural remedy is always the right thing to do in order to protect yourself from any intoxications or whatsoever. 

An Extra Tip:

– After using this natural remedy, only wash your hair with water: be careful not to use any kind of shampoo.

Don’t forget to share this natural tip with all of your friends and family.

This remedy will make your hair softer, stronger and shinier.