Calm a Crying Baby: 4 Incredible Ways

Incredible massage to instantly calm a crying baby

Have you tried your best to soothe and ease your crying baby, but in vain you try? Don’t you worry, We have the perfect solution for you! Check it out!

– Babies can only express their feelings of discomfort through crying, so there is a reason behind their non-stop crying.

– It might be tummy pains, constipation, chest congestion, toothache or flu.

– All that you need to do is to massage these parts of their feet.

1- Headache or toothache:

– In case of a headache or a toothache:

– all what you need to do is to massage you baby’s toe-tips.

2- For gas, Colic, and Constipation:

– Imagine that the foot of your baby is divided into 4 parts one below the other, starting at the base of the toes:

– Massage the second and the third part to treat constipation, colic, and gas or indigestion.

3- Sinuses:

– To relieve your baby’s sinus problem, massage gently on the underside of all her/his toes.

– This trick is very effective, don’t hesitate to try it.

4- To Stop His/Her Crying:

A- Chest congestion:

– All that you need to do is:

– Massage the spot that hurts directly below the neck of the toes which correspond to the lungs.


The Final Result:

– You Did a Good Job already! Now you are aware how to calm your crying baby without the need to take him/her to the doctor.

– Always make sure you learn more and more about all of these effective tricks to do at home, just in case you have or might deal with a crying baby.

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