3 Effective Tricks to Memorize Things 10 Times Faster

How to memorize 10X fasterKeep your mind Active with these effective tips and tricks! In this article we are going to provide you with some great tips to improve your memory. Keep reading!

– Do you feel tired and lazy whenever you are revising for an exam?

– Do you usually fail to recall information, dates, or meetings that you must attend?

– Don’t worry anymore! You can learn how to increase your memory power.

– Here are few tips which will improve your memory capacity sooner than you think.

1- Here are some Effective Tricks:

A- The method of Loci:

– The method of loci is very effective.

– It uses elaborative rehearsal of information.

– That’s to say, manipulating the information by adding meaning and then using it, rather than simply looking at a list of words or a text and repeating it.

B- Train your Brain:

– Brain games have the ability to strengthen your memory and even prevent dementia.

– You can play a lot of thought provoking games which can and will boost your brain activation.

– And what will make this great process even better, is when you share these games with your friends and creative somehow a challenge between all of you. 

3- Meditation and Yoga:

– Meditation and yoga help increase grey matter in the brain, scientifically speaking, and improve spatial working memory.

The Final Result:

– Following these practical and effective tricks you will be able to focus as well as memorize things way faster than usual.

– Now you how to boost your memory performance and thus things will get a lot easier to memorize.

An Extra Tip:

– Black coffee and Dark Chocolate also help boosting your memorization process.

– Drinking a cup of black coffee or eating some dark chocolate before memorizing is very effective. 

Don’t forget to share these amazing and effective tricks with your friends and family.